2019 Chrysler 300 Hellcat REVIEW

With plans for bringing the new 2019 Chrysler 300 underway, we can finally conclude that there will be enough time for the monster’s makers to introduce the new model properly. The specs of this machine are quite combined, though well mixed to allow us to make a conclusion that dealers in the US cover the market in a large percentage. When we talk redesign, don’t expect changes only for the equipment and interior of the car. In this case, this beast will also feature new materials that will undergo modifications when it comes to the design itself.

The luxury car will draw attention from many buyers just for nothing, as it features an eye catching concept that not many Chrysler lovers will be able to resist. Just to touch on some amazing features, expect to have more solid tires as you hit the road, and also sharp headlights, mixed with magnificent fog lighting.

2019 Chrysler 300 concept

One thing worth noting in the new concept of the 2019 Chrysler 300, is that the model is quite competitive, despite sharing some similarities with the previous model. The body of the car is considerably huge, to ensure that the first line and grille will go ahead perfectly. Talking about a car that will not seem complicated either to a man or woman? Well, that is just what the Chrysler will offer from a sporty and classic design, which will fit both men and women in the best way.

Another great thing about the 2019 Chrysler 300 is that it features protective glass for both the front and back lights, which shows the determination of the car’s designers to build a more futuristic car.

2019 Chrysler 300 interior

Looking at the features of the car’s interior, the first thing that may interest many buyers is the promise of a spacious and well-designed cabin, to offer maximum comfort and make the drive an effective one. You can expect new colors, and features that will enable the user of this car and their passenger to access infotainment and entertainment tools of the car effortlessly. The interior features of the car include with dynamic stabilization procedure, airbags for the driver’s knees, alert braking, Bluetooth, Brake manage, traction manage, built-in seat airbags for increased safety, and much more features that are mind-blowing.

Under the hood

The most usually anticipated part of a car by enthusiastic drivers is the engine, and let us assure you that the under-hood part of this car is quite promising. The 2019 Chrysler 300 will have a 3.2 liter Pentastar V6 engine, which according to some updates will make the unit able to output 270 hp, which will help most drivers tear the road boldly. For matters relating to the fuel consumption of the car, expect to use 6.2 liters of fuel each 100km under nation driving, while the alternative city mode driving of the car will consume 11.3 liters for the same 100km. Besides, the car has some added fuel efficiency by adding an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox. This is a quite impressive feature, as it reduces fuel consumption, in the bid of helping to save our environment. All in all, expect the ride to be smooth, with excellent handling as you drive, which is a satisfactory approach to finish the outstanding appearance of this luxurious sedan.

2019 Chrysler 300 release date and trim levels

The Chrysler family is expected to release this road machine at the beginning of 2019, which has not been confirmed yet. All in all, Chrysler fans are considerably eager to see their one of their most favorite if not the best car out there. You should, however, not expect the price of this beast to shoot up too much in comparison to the current model of this car which costs around $33,000. As for the 2019 Chrysler 300, expect to get it at a cost ranging from $35,000-$40,000. All in all, this one from the Chrysler family might be a wonderful change for most car lovers.